A Volunteer Community 

We transform our lives through self-inquiry and applied meditation, based on ancient, grounded methods for working with mind, body, and senses. We practice a way of life that is integrated, meaningful, and devoted to service as a dynamic path of learning. 


Work-Study Program

Immerse yourself in a life of discovery and service in a Tibetan Buddhist educational center. We focus on personal development with a style of learning that integrates work with study, practice, and a life of doing good.

Our residential work-study program is a way to live, study and work . . . 

About our community

We are a Buddhist center with a lay sangha. We abide by principles of non-harm, such as not killing insects or creatures, and do not allow meat, alcohol, or any mind-altering substances on the property. We are not ordained, nor do we take precepts or strict vows . . . 

Bring meditation to your life 

With the support of meditation, Tibetan yoga, and other classes, and a multitude of awareness practices that can be applied to work, relationships, and every aspect of life, you will engage in productive activity as a way to train your mind . . . 

Application Process 

We are happy to see you are interested! Once you send in your completed application, we will be in touch with you to chat further and set up an interview to see if we are a good fit for each other. 


If you would like to talk about our program or set up a tour please feel free to reach out to:  (510) 809-1000 or info@nyingmainstitute.com