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Attend a free talk

On Sundays, we have free afternoon and evening public programs.

Learn about upcoming free events, free Sunday talks, and donation-based programs:

Discover new books

The Dharma Publishing Bookstore has moved from our location in downtown Berkeley to a beautiful new space at the Nyingma Institute. Our many windows offer us fresh air and a lovely view. In addition to all the Dharma Publishing books, cds, dvds, and art, we carry our buckwheat meditation cushions and mats, books of Tibetan masters, plus hand-hammered singing bowls, prayer wheels, prayer flags and altar items.

We are usually open from 10am to  6pm and even if closed, the person at the front desk can open the store and make a sale.

Image of the Meditation Garden

Enjoy the Garden

Perfect for walking meditation, contemplation or reading a book, this peaceful space is open to the public.

Framed by the red leaves of the Japanese Maple in fall and blooming roses in summer, a golden Stupa, symbol of enlightened mind rises above a small waterfall. Housed under red eaves, a prayer wheel activates billions of prayers with each rotation, while brightly colored fish dart in and out among water lilies.

Open by appointment between 10am – 6pm daily. Please call or email us to make an appointment. 

Stay and relax

Stay in a supportive environment that combines traditional symbols of enlightened awareness with the natural beauty of flowers, trees, and pond, and sweeping vistas of the San Francisco Bay.

Image of fruits and veggies.

Savor the food

Retreatants and residents enjoy vegetarian meals prepared on the premises, served buffet-style for lunch and dinner.

We are a vegetarian kitchen, please note that no meat is allowed on the premises.