Fall 2019 1-Week Retreats 

Come stay with us at the Nyingma Institute. You’ll find that we’re a tranquil sanctuary located conveniently in Berkeley, with a beautiful view, caring instructors, and programs designed to help you reconnect, re-center, and bring more clarity and balance into your life.

Residential participation includes overnight stays for the duration of the program, plus lunch, dinner, and self-serve breakfast. Non-Residential participation includes instruction and lunch only. Online registration is available for non-residential participation. For the residential option, please contact us at info@nyingmainstitute.com or (510) 809-1000 to reserve your spot.

Retreats must meet minimum enrollment to be held. Registration closes either 2 weeks in advance. Please sign up early in order to ensure that programs will be offered. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@nyingmainstitute.com or (510) 809-1000.

Image of a bedroom at the Nyingma Institute

Medicine Buddha: Healing at the Source 

5-Day Retreat / Mon, Oct. 28th – Fri, Nov. 1st

We can clear and cleanse our mind, body, and senses, tuning into natural healing energies. This retreat combines healing practices, relaxation, and meditation with traditional Medicine Buddha prayers, mantra, and visualization for a transformative experience. These practices can help us release deep knots of suffering, including grief, resentment, and loneliness.  

Instructor(s): Lama Palzang, Pema Gellek. Cost: $475 Non-Residential / $965 Residential.  Enrollment closes 2 weeks prior on 10/14. 

Student studying

Journey through Mind: Teachings on Awakening by Tarthang Rinpoche 

5-Day Retreat / Mon, Nov. 11th – Fri, Nov. 15th

Tarthang Rinpoche is one of the foremost masters of Tibetan Buddhism alive today, a thinker of tremendous range and originality and a leader who has made a monumental contribution to the preservation of the Tibetan culture. After his arrival in America in 1969, he introduced the Nyingma teachings in the U.S, and has authored over forty books in English that all speak to the power of mind at the center of the human condition.

This retreat is an opportunity to engage a full range of teachings that reveal the extraordinary potential of mind. 

Instructor(s): Pema Gellek and Nyingma Institute faculty. Cost: $475 Non-Residential / $965 Residential. Enrollment closes 2 weeks prior on 10/28.

Image of prayer beads and a book, Lotus Mandala

Silent Retreat: Intro to Shamatha 

5-Day Retreat / Mon, Dec.9th – Fri, Dec. 13th 

Stressed out? Need a restorative pause from a whirlwind of tasks, responsibilities, and cascading concerns? Research has shown that meditation and silence can have profoundly positive effects on our mental states and overall happiness. Silence, meditation, and Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga usher you into deeper stages of calm and openness. You’ll return to your life renewed, grounded, and with a sense of inner stability and clarity.

Instructor(s): Nyingma Institute faculty. Cost: $475 Non-Residential / $965 Residential.  Enrollment closes 2 weeks prior on 11/25.