Personal Retreats

Image of students in the Meditation Garden.

Overnight Stay

We offer private rooms with views overlooking the bay, or the garden. Stay in a peaceful sacred environment: enjoy the garden, views and take time to relax and reflect.

Prerequisites: None 

Cost: $150/night, includes vegetarian meals. 

Image of students in the Meditation Garden.

Weekend Retreat

Extend the benefits of your Saturday day-long by making it a overnight retreat. Day-long group retreat participants may arrange to stay  in one of the Institute’s comfortable guest rooms at a discounted rate of $125/night.

Prerequisites: Enrollment in a day-long retreat 

Cost: $125/night, non-inclusive of retreat cost. Includes vegetarian meals. 

Image of a bedroom at the Nyingma Institute

Semester-Long Retreat

Perfect for students who wish to deepen their practice at Nyingma Institute by living in our peaceful environment for 10 weeks and focusing on personal practice or study. You receive unlimited access to attend classes (with faculty permission) in our weekly evening schedule, as well as weekend workshops (with faculty permission), for one full semester (10 weeks). We provide freshly prepared vegetarian meals, served buffet-style, for lunch and dinner. Breakfast foods, teas, coffee, and fruit are available in our communal kitchen.

Prerequisites: None 

Cost:  Starts at $470/week inclusive of room, meals and classes. Minimum stay of 10 weeks. 

Student studying

Personal Retreat: Lightly Guided

During an initial meeting, a faculty member will help you create an approach that will be a good fit for you, including specific practices and a practice schedule that you can follow in the privacy of your room. Your retreat includes time for reading and reflection, with recommended books available in our reading room.

Some of the practices we use include: seated meditation, walking meditation, chanting, and relaxation techniques. Your faculty advisor also meets with you at the mid-point and end of your retreat. Selected evening classes may be included as part of your retreat.

Prerequisites: None

Cost: $150/night, with vegetarian meals included. 

Image of prayer beads and a book, Lotus Mandala

Personal Retreat: Mantra Accumulation

We offer support for your practice, including a private, comfortable room to practice in, a small altar in your room, all practice materials, and a schedule to follow. Includes an initial practice orientation meeting with a faculty member.

Types of mantra accumulation retreat:

  • Padmasambhava
  • Buddha Shakyamuni
  • Medicine Buddha
  • Avalokitesvara
  • Tara
  • Vajrasattva

Prerequisites:  Appropriate for Buddhist practitioners. 

Cost: $150/night with vegetarian meals included. 

Image of a student meditating on a bed

Personal Retreat: Practitioner

For those who have already received practice instructions, we can offer you a tranquil, quiet environment, a private room and all meals. Lunch and dinner are vegetarian and buffet-style. Please contact us to inquire about special support if there are any specific requirements, such as bringing meals to your room.

Prerequisites:  Appropriate for Buddhist practitioners. 

Cost: $150/night, with vegetarian meals included.