“If you see work as a journey toward fulfillment, each challenge transforms who you are. Work becomes more like art: you work for the joy of working. This is the attitude that Skillful Means fosters.”

– Tarthang Tulku

Skillful Means: Work as Practice

How can we practice, live meaningful lives, and support ourselves? Our shared challenge is to uncover potential for growth within the everyday, finding the transcendent within the mundane.

With the support of meditation, Tibetan yoga, and other classes, and a multitude of awareness practices that can be applied to work, relationships, and every aspect of life, you will engage in productive activity as a way to train your mind and gain insight into your habits and patterns.

The work you do here supports classes and programs that help others develop freedom of mind, find ease and relaxation amidst the stresses of modern life, and connect to their inner potential for wisdom and compassion. 

Skillful Means is a special area of focus that our founder, Tarthang Tulku, has developed and taught to his students as a method and view in order to accomplish immense projects in order to keep Tibet’s ancient body of knowledge alive in the world. We combine this approach to work as practice with an emphasis on caring; this is a path of dedication, action, responsibility, and joy.

Recommended Reading

To get a sense of the spirit in which we work and practice here, we recommend that you read Skillful Means and Gesture of Balance, which are available for purchase in our bookstore or online