Daily Kum Nye

Inviting All Kum Nye Practitioners: Daily Practice

For anyone who has received at least basic instruction in Kum Nye, the Nyingma Institute invites you to continue and deepen your practice through live one-hour daily Kum Nye sessions, taught online by experienced Kum Nye instructors through the Nyingma Institute. The sessions are structured so as to work through all the exercises in the book Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga book by Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche over time. The specific practice for each day’s session is posted on the Blog Post Page.

Each session is self-contained. Participants are asked to sign up for daily practice on a monthly basis so that you may attend every day of the month, but you may also opt to attend only as often as you choose to. 

Basic familiarity with the goals and practices of Kum Nye are assumed in daily Kum Nye sessions.  If you are a new to Kum Nye, you can learn the basics through the Nyingma Institute’s Drop in Program (Sunday mornings 10-12 Pacific time) or a beginning Kum Nye course when offered. 

What: Daily Kum Nye Practice

When: Every day, 6 to 7 am Pacific time

Where: Online

How: Register through Eventbrite. Once payment is made, you will receive the monthly zoom link. NOTE: In order to receive the current Zoom link, payment for the following month must be made by the last day of the preceding month.

Cost: Sliding scale monthly payment between $10 and $60.