Workshops (Online)

All programs are online; a select number are hybrid (both online and in person) based on the discretion of the instructor. Please register as early as possible in order to ensure that your workshop will run, as programs must meet minimum enrollment conditions. Our suggested registration deadline for workshops is one week in advance. After you enroll, a faculty member will send you the link to join online — usually this is sent about a day before the date of the workshop. 

Early Fall and Late Fall WORKSHOPS

Practicing the Four Immeasurables (DHS406)

August 26 (Saturday): 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Online and-in person at the Nyingma Institute

Cultivating the “four immeasurable” states of mind—love, compassion, sympathetic joy, and equanimity—is a classic Buddhist practice that teaches us to transcend our ordinary way of being and our limited way of understanding love. We discover an inner serenity that fosters the realization of selflessness. 

Instructors: Hugh Joswick & Mark Henderson. Cost: $50. Registration: 


The First Teachings of the Buddha (DHS422)

September 23 (Saturday): 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM 

Online and in-person at the Nyingma Institute

We look at the first three discourses the Buddha taught to his disciples as he turned the Wheel of the Dharma. We will read three Pāli suttas describing the four noble truths, the nature of non-self, and the six sense organs burning with desire. Reading: Dhammacakka Sutta, the Anattalakkhana Sutta, and the Aditta Sutta (The Fire Sermon)

Instructors: Mark Henderson and Hugh Joswick. Cost: $50. Registration: 


Meditations to Awaken Compassion for Self and Others

October 7, 2023 Nyingma Psychology Workshop/Mini Retreat


In this time of conflict and increasing polarization throughout the world, it is possible to connect more deeply to the richness of resources within our own being, in order to transform negative energy into healing and harmonizing compassion, for the benefit of all. We will present body/mind practices using meditation, chanting, breath and Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga to touch, heal and open our hearts, our inner sanctuary, our own home…. It is in the heart center that our inner nature grows to fullness; Through self-nurturing and development, we establish a friendship with ourselves; our hearts then open naturally, and compassion arises from within. As self-confidence and self-healing begin to develop, we start to show real kindness to ourselves and to others. ( Tarthang Tulku) Suellen and Olivia, Nyingma Psychology instructors, will lead the group through traditional practices using material from our lived experience, to apply in the heat of the live moment, as well as to incorporate in our daily meditation practices. A regular meditation practice is recommended, or by consent of instructors.

Instructors: Suellen Ehnebuske & Olivia Hurd. Cost: Registration: 


Late Fall Term / 8 weeks:  October 23 – December 16, 2023


Kamalashila and the Stages of Meditation (DHS419)

Saturday, December 2: 10:00 AM—1:00 PM

Online and in-person at the Nyingma Institute

Kamalashila accompanied Shantaraksita to Tibet in the 8th century at the request of King Trisong Detsen. He played an important role in establishing Buddhism in Tibet and was the principal defender of the Indian gradual way of enlightenment over the Chan method of sudden enlightenment. In a great debate at Samye monastery c. 793, Kamalashila bettered his opponent, who advocated a direct awakening of mind through meditation, by arguing for a gradual path that required training in the whole field of Buddhist study. Kamalashila thereby established the Indian tradition of study and practice in Tibet and the gradual path of development. In this workshop we will examine the principal writing of Kamalashila, the Bhavanakrama, on the stages of meditation. Lecture, practice, and discussion will bring this key text in Tibetan history to life.

Instructors: Mark Henderson and Hugh Joswick. Cost: $50. Registration: