Workshops (Online)

Please note that due to health concerns, we are holding all programs online. Please register as early as possible in order to ensure that your workshop will run, as programs must meet minimum enrollment conditions. Our suggested registration deadline for workshops is one week in advance. After you enroll, a faculty member will send you the link to join online — usually this is sent about a day before the date of the workshop. 



January 21, 2023, Saturday (10 am – 1 pm)

Kum Nye and Chronic Pain (KNR424)

How does someone with chronic pain engage the practice of Kum Nye? Perusing the Kum Nye text or having attended a class, you may be daunted by the physical rigor required to practice many of the exercises, or even the challenge of sitting still and attending to bodily sensations. Yet you may have a sense that Kum Nye offers a meaningful path if you can engage it with care. Let’s explore ways in which Kum Nye can help us turn towards, open, and befriend our experience with interest and compassion.

Instructor: Donna Morton. Cost: $50. Registration: 

*Please register by Wednesday, January 18th! 


January 28, 2023, Saturday (10 am – 1 pm)

How to Meditate Workshop

This three hour class will offer instructions in sitting meditation that almost anyone can do. We can change the way we live when we incorporate meditation into our daily routine. We will learn to relax more deeply, quiet the mind, and integrate body/mind energies. The class will include guided sitting meditations, silent sittings, slow, gentle body movement, Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga, and practices using sound and breath to expand our awareness of what we are experiencing. By gently paying attention to our experience, in the moment as it is, no matter what it is, with an attitude of acceptance and non-judgment, something transforms; awareness has an opportunity to expand beyond my body, my mind, my emotions, to a wider view. If you are a lapsed meditator who would like more support in order to practice regularly, you are most welcome.

Instructor: Olivia Hurd. Cost: $50. Registration: 

*Please register by Wednesday, January 25th!


February 25, 2023, Saturday (10 am – 1 pm)

POL Workshop: Visions of Enlightenment (DHS401)  

This workshop explores the unique ways that a fully awakened being manifests. First, we look at Tibetan art as a vital embodiment of enlightenment, examining the ways in which awakened qualities are depicted. We also work with mantra (ways to merge sound with awakened awareness) and Tibetan meditations that evoke the Buddha. Finally, we consider three specific aspects to a Buddha’s embodiment: the Dharmakaya, the Sambhogakaya, and the Nirmanakaya.

Instructors: Mark Henderson & Hugh Joswick. Cost: $50. Registration: 

*Please register by Wednesday, February 22nd!

March 25, 2023, Saturday (10 am – 1 pm)

Kum Nye workshop: Balancing and Integrating, Body, Mind and Senses (KNR445)

According to Kum Nye, balance is a natural condition when our energy is flowing and pervades the entire body and mind. This balance is the objective of Kum Nye practice. 

“When we are relaxed, we open to new sensory fields and dimensions, expanding sensations and feelings that bring body and mind together”.

We will explore Kum Nye exercises that show us how to bring our breath , senses and awareness into balance with our bodies and minds. The result is a sense of deep relaxation and well-being.

Instructor: Anita McNulty. Cost: $50. Registration: 

*Please register by Wednesday, March 22nd!

April 1, 2023, Saturday (10 am – 1 pm) 

POL Workshop: Faith in Dharma (DHS402) 

The awakening of faith in the Dharma means that we have surrendered our heart to truth. This workshop outlines the steps to such faith. Students will learn to distinguish belief from faith and skepticism from inquiry. Discussion and practice will focus on how to build inner confidence in our own abilities as we seek guidance from those who are wiser.

Instructors: Mark Henderson and Hugh Joswick. Cost: $50. Registration: 

*Please register by Wednesday, March 29th!