The Evolution of our Long Retreats

Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche first created the Human Development Training Program, an eight week residential summer program, for psychologists, social workers, educators, counselors and other professionals interested in the nature of mind. This program was held annually from 1973-1977.

In 1984, it was expanded into the Four Month Human Development Retreat. Practices in this program were carefully sequenced to help explore the very fundamental operating systems and patterns of human thinking, feeling, and sensing.

In 2019, we are offering a new take on our keystone program. The practices of the Human Development Program will be offered in a two month format — the Healing Mind Retreat. We will also be adding a completely new two month retreat that can be taken separately — the Living Dharma Retreat, which focuses on Rinpoche’s distinctive approach to Skillful Means, exploring how to integrate practice with daily life and work. The retreat’s curriculum is rooted in traditional Dharma teachings on how to manifest skillful ways of practice in daily life, highlighting how to activate the six paramitas. It also draws from his new books Caring, Dimensions of Mind, and Lotus Trilogy.

A Few Words from the Retreatants. Here’s what the retreatants of 2016 had to say about their experience with the Four Month Retreat.