Four Month Retreat

Monday, August 26 – Saturday, December 14 (Sixteen weeks) 

Give yourself an invaluable gift:  the self-discovery that comes from an intensive period of practice and study.

This is an unparalleled opportunity to delve deeply into your being, as well as to bring back what you have learned into daily life. Retreat offers a sacred container for nurturing and developing your life. Experience the carefully sequenced and time-tested practices of Healing Mind: Path of Inner Freedom, and explore how we can come to embody the teachings through work, relationships, and our interactions in the world in Living Dharma: Every Day as the Field of Practice

To view a video of an info session about the Long Retreats with faculty presentation and Q & A, please contact us for the private link! 

The two parts of this retreat can be attended separately. Please see below for more information.


Healing Mind: Path of Inner Freedom Retreat (2 Months) 

Monday, August 26 – Saturday, October 19 (Eight weeks)

Discover a deeper, richer way of experiencing mind. This retreat provides methods and tools for opening up and transforming the layers of identification, negative patterning, and conditioning that limit potential and restrict our inner freedom. Through techniques drawn from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, we examine and go below thought and emotional conditioning to discover awareness, making contact with an innate sense of the sacred.

The teachings and practices engaged in this carefully structured retreat are given in a beautiful, protected environment that allows space for your own discovery to unfold. This retreat is designed for anyone who is ready to invite fresh insight into their life about the fundamentals of being. 

Living Dharma:  Every Day as the Field of Practice (2 Months)

Monday, October 21 – Saturday, December 14 (Eight weeks) 

Open up depth of purpose in your life: this retreat provides a pathway for meaningful action that will benefit both oneself and others. It will explore and integrate work, home and spiritual environments.

Rooted in traditional Tibetan Buddhist Dharma teachings, this program illuminates how to manifest skillful ways of understanding and living by activating the six paramitas — generosity, discipline, patience, diligence, meditative concentration, and wisdom.

Supporting texts will include the Bodhicaryavatara as well as Rinpoche’s new books Caring and Dimensions of Mind.

When steam rises off the water of a lake, the steam and the lake aren’t separate. In the same way, the subject arises and takes on the form that it does through the encounter with the object. . . . Each shapes the other, and each depends on the other.

From Dimensions of Mind, by Tarthang Tulku.


If you have significant financial constraints, please contact us to apply for a scholarship.


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Phone:  (510) 809-1000 

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The Nyingma Institute, founded in 1972, is one of the oldest Tibetan Buddhist centers of learning in the U.S. It was groundbreaking in its early introduction of Tibetan Buddhism to Westerners, and it continues to be singular due to the unique and multi-faceted quality of Rinpoche’s teachings, which have been developed for the Western mind by a lama who has devoted fifty years of his life to teaching, observing, and working closely with his students here in the U.S.

The wider our concept of mind becomes, the more experience we can accept without making judgments. This acceptance itself becomes meditation. 

From Hidden Mind of Freedom, by Tarthang Tulku.