The sacred art project that will take place at Nyingma Institute starting June 19, 2017 is printing and sewing prayer flags. If you’d like to help, please contact us! 

Prayer Flags

Preserved in the ancient Tibetan traditions are sacred methods for generating positive energy, creating harmony in nature, and clearing the accumulated karma of beings. According to Buddhist scripture, the many prayers, texts, mantras, and images written onto fabric and flown as flags, generate a sacred healing power that has a positive effect on the whole environment and all beings inhabiting it.

As the sunlight and wind move across the surface of the fabric, the energies of the colors, letters, and shapes are transmitted outward and into the world.

Colors and Symbols of the Prayer Flags

Intricate arrangements of symbolic images and colors represent the Buddha families and the qualities they project. Each image and color with its symbolic intent relates meaningfully to the whole.

  • The vajra and the color white represent the transcendent quality of diamond clarity
  • The lotus coupled with red symbolizes love and compassion
  • The wheel of knowledge and the color blue exemplify awakened mind
  • The jewel and the color yellow embody qualities of equanimity and generosity
  • The sword and color green stand for meaningful action