What makes “Path of Liberation” special?

This program is an excellent entry point to the vastness of this body of knowledge that is our lineage, a living path, and a shared human inheritance that becomes all the more precious the more we appreciate its origins, sources, and context.

Two Year Buddhist Studies Program 

The Path of Liberation Program is a training in Buddhist study and practice that introduces students to the basic cognitive and experiential teachings of the Buddha. Texts will be drawn primarily from the Mahayana tradition.

Upon completion of the Path of Liberation Program, students will have a basic understanding of fundamental Buddhist teachings, such as the Four Noble Truths, the Eight-fold Noble Path, Karma and Klesha, Interdependent Co-operation, and the Four Foundations of Mindfulness. They will be familiar with Buddhist history and important works of literature.

Deepen your understanding of the living spirit of Buddhist teaching and practice.

Program components: 10 classes, 15 workshops, 1 retreat.

Why enroll in the Path of Liberation program?

Complete a two year course of study that is about the living spirit of Buddhism, an “insider’s” approach to practice, history, and its traditions. 

This is more than being exposed to inspiring ideas, it’s about your inner journey, integration, and embodiment.

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