Sunday Talks

Each Sunday from 6-7 PM, a free talk on Nyingma teachings or related topics is presented by a Nyingma Institute faculty member, guest lecturer, or long-time student.

October 7, Mark Henderson on “The Sacred Language of Tibet,” 6 – 7 pm, Cost: Free

Classical written Tibetan is like a crystal chalice, created specifically to translate and hold the wisdom of the Buddha’s teachings. The language—its words and even its grammar–reflects this sacred purpose. Tibetan language instructor Mark Henderson will tell the story of the creation of written Tibetan and introduce some of its rich literature.

October 14, Hugh Joswick on “Why Should We Care About Caring?” 6 – 7 pm, Cost: Free

Everyone knows, in some way, the importance of caring for themselves, their families, and community, but what we know in principle, we don’t always embody or appreciate. Nyingma Institute instructor, Hugh Joswick, will explore aspects of caring discussed in Tarthang Tulku’s recent book entitled Caring that can be cultivated to bring brightness and ease to our lives.

October 21,  Ron Purser on “Diving into Time: From Friction to Freedom,” 6 – 7 pm, Cost: Free

Our ordinary experience of time is characterized by a linear temporal momentum that perpetuates a continuous feeling of dissatisfaction and lack of fulfillment. Drawing from Tarthang Tulku’s “Time, Space and Knowledge” (TSK) teachings, Ron Purser, Ph.D. and long-time student of TSK, will explore the ramifications of this limited way of knowing time, and offer a glimpse of how time can be conducted differently towards freedom, opening up possibilities for a different way of being.

October 28, Donna Morton on “Turning the Mind to Goodness,” 6 – 7 pm, Cost: Free

“The way of enlightenment can be traveled with a fraction of the effort required to survive endless suffering in samsara.” Ways of Enlightenment: Buddhist Studies at the Nyingma Institute

The journey to enlightenment requires more than just letting go of harming others: we actively cultivate actions that benefit and serve the world, incorporating goodness into each thought, word, and action. Nyingma Institute instructor Donna Morton explores the determination and mindfulness that support active compassion and the joy that accompanies these efforts.