Sunday Talks

Each Sunday from 6-7 PM, a free talk on Nyingma teachings or related topics is presented by a Nyingma Institute faculty member or guest lecturer.

August 12, Hugh Joswick on “Caring for Ourselves”

Our attitudes, emotions, and concepts shape who we are and determine what we do more surely than any outside influence. Recognizing their power and discovering their inherent changeability are keys to truly caring for ourselves. Nyingma Institute instructor, Hugh Joswick offers insights from Tarthang Tulku’s writings that help us navigate our inner landscape and provide essential practices for well-being.

August 19, Rima Tamar on “The Great Transmission”

The Nyingma Institute is proud to show the 2016 award-winning film from the Guna Foundation: “The Great Transmission.” This 55 minute movie describes the epic struggle to preserve the Tibetan Buddhist heritage. It is well worth seeing again and again. Long time student of Tarthang Tulku, Rima Timar will introduce the film and provide opportunity for questions after its showing.

August 26, Hugh Joswick on “Discovering Dimensions of Mind”

There are signs of dissatisfaction and negativity all around us. We have come to accept and embrace limitations that prevent access to any deeper way of knowing. Seeing how our understanding is thoroughly structured by language, concepts, and identification we can begin to challenge our projections and find new ways of being. Nyingma Institute instructor, Hugh Joswick, explores themes from Tarthang Tulku’s Dimensions of Mind and offers practices to widen inquiry into mind.