Sunday Talks

Each Sunday from 6-7 PM, a free talk on Nyingma teachings or related topics is presented by a Nyingma Institute faculty member, guest lecturer, or long-time student.

November 11, Hugh Joswick on “Becoming the Meditation Experience,” 6 – 7 pm, free.

In Gesture of Balance, Tarthang Tulku writes, “The simple approach to meditation is that ‘everything becomes meditation.’ Do not think, “This is part of meditation; that is not part of meditation.” There is no such differentiation. Meditate in the simplest, easiest, and most direct way.” Nyingma Institute instructor, Hugh Joswick, will investigate these instructions and through practice and discussion invite students to approach meditation in this simple and direct way.

November 18, Abbe Blum on “Thanksgiving and the Art of Caring,” 6 – 7 pm, free.

“I believe there is more to discover about caring than what we commonly understand. It may be that we can learn a new art of caring by taking a closer look, not just at what we care about, but at how we care.” Tarthang Tulku, Caring xxx.

“In every situation, there is something to care about.”(p.137)

So much happens during Thanksgiving time — from travel, being with family (or being alone) to navigating food, talk, sports and politics. What attention do we give to the thanks and the giving aspects when it may seem a task just to stay afloat? In this talk based on Tarthang Tulku’s recent book, Caring, Nyingma Institute teacher Abbe Blum suggests that caring is an art that we can develop in particular ways during this intense and challenging time of year. The talk will include several relaxation and contemplation practices.

November 25, Santosh Philip on “Calm and Clear,” 6 – 7 pm, free.

One of the first books that Tarthang Tulku had translated into English by his students in America was Lama Mipham’s Calm and Clear. Nyingma Institute instructor, Santosh Philip will explore some of the themes of body, mind, and meditation in this seminal work of the great 19th century Nyingma master, Lama Mipham. Santosh will use practices and discussion to introduce Mipham’s analytic meditations.

December 2, Bob Byrne on “Gratitude and the Dharma,” 6 – 7 pm, free.

Nyingma Institute instructor, Bob Byrne, will explore the sense and meaning of gratitude from the perspective of the Dharma. Through discussion and practice, Bob will illustrate that sharing and expanding the feeling of gratitude can open new dimensions in our experience.

December 9, Ron Purser on “Beyond Mindfulness,” 6 – 7 pm, free.

In Dimensions of Mind, Tarthang Tulku writes, “When we meditate, it’s like deciding to spy on our own mind, like putting the FBI or CIA on the case. We take on the role of being the watcher, and we remind ourselves again and again that we have to be mindful, be aware. If we don’t, we will lose the opportunity that meditation offers; we’ll get lost or go off in the wrong direction.” In this talk Ron Purser will explore how mindfulness meditation is undermined by staying within the fundamental structures of suffering (samsara) that perpetuates the regime of mind. Through inquiry and investigation, we can activate a vision that is not grounded in the limits of identity.