This Week At The Institute

This Week At The Institute

December 15-21, 2014

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Our 2015 Winter quarter begins Monday, January 5, 2015.

2015 Winter Course Schedule and 2015 Winter Workshop Schedule.

For our 2015 Winter Courses and Workshops in pdf.  Click here for our 2015 Winter Program Catalogue in pdf.

To register for our courses and workshops or for more information, call 510-809-1000 or email us at


Meditations on Joyfulness
Monday through Wednesday, December 15-17, 7-8 PM

Meditations from the Tibetan tradition will be presented that increase deep joyful feelings that are not dependent on external circumstances.

The Institute will be closed for the winter holidays December 18-27. We will re-open on Sunday, December 28 with the full program.

We will be checking our voicemail and email. Please don't hesitate to contact us to register or inquire about our courses, workshops and retreats.  Best wishes for a wonderful new year.

The Four-Month Human Development Training Retreat (which began on September 2) concludes this Wednesday, December 17. Congratulations and many blessings to this wonderful group of retreatants.

Don't miss our ever popular year-end kum nye (Tibetan Yoga) retreat:

Tasting Relaxation Retreat: A Tibetan Yoga Retreat
December 29-January 3, 2015

Tibetan Yoga (Kum Nye) practice opens the senses to feeling. This flow of feeling can loosen even chronic tension. In this retreat we learn to relax so deeply that we can “taste” the healing nectar of relaxation as it flows through body and mind. Gentle movement, breathing, and awareness practices help us to discover this relaxation.

Cost: $470 (nonresidential); $700 (residential). Instructors: Nyingma Faculty. Retreat begins Monday at 10 AM and concludes on Saturday at 4:45 PM. Includes the “Renewing and Refreshing the Senses” workshop on January 3. Suitable for all levels of students.

To register, please call 510-809-1000 or email us at There is still space available to do this retreat residentially.

Upcoming free events:

Renewing Inner Energy through Tibetan Yoga
December 29, 2014-January 2, 2015, Monday through Friday
7-8 PM

Tibetan Yoga practices to refresh and renew. (Details and descriptions to be announced.)


New Year’s Eve Chant
Wednesday, December 31, 8 PM through Midnight

Celebrate the new year with chanting and meditation. Participants unable to stay for the entire chant may leave during short breaks held at hourly intervals.


To receive the Nyingma Institute Email Newsletter for events and happenings at the Institute, email us at