This Week At The Institute

Transforming Negative Emotions

This Week At The Institute

July 6 - 12, 2015

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Our Summer Program is now in progress. Register now for our Saturday workshops and weekly retreats.  Enrollment is still possible for some of the courses. We offer many drop-in Tibetan Yoga courses.

2015 Summer Program Catalogue in pdf. Summer course, workshop and retreat schedules are available online. For pdf versions: Summer course, workshop, and retreat schedules. 

September 2015 Course Schedules are now available online and at the Institute front desk.


Click here for the day by day Summer 2015 Courses.

Retreat:  July 10-12: Generating Happiness from Within: A 3-day Tibetan Yoga Retreat

Tibetan Yoga practices channel positive energy into body and mind as they release tension. This three-day retreat combines movement, self-massage, and breathing practices that generate joyful feelings, reorienting us toward happiness. We discover that we hold the key to satisfaction and inner peace, and we learn to appreciate the qualities that have placed the key in our hands and entitle us to use it. Suitable for all levels of students.

Cost: $235 (nonresidential, meals included); $350 (residential, two nights’ room and board). Retreat begins Friday, 10 AM and concludes Sunday, 3 PM. Instructor: Santosh Philip. 

Register for our weekly retreats.


Morning Meditation
Sunday, July 12, 9-9:45 AM
Instructor: Dave Abercrombie
$5. Free to currently enrolled students.

An opportunity to deepen your meditation practice and to introduce your friends or family to the benefits of Nyingma meditation. Each session includes brief meditation instruction followed by silent sitting. You are welcome to attend any Sunday session. No pre-registration or prior experience necessary.

Summer Quarter Meditation classes, workshops, and retreats now in progress.  Click here for programs in Nyingma Meditation. 


Kum Nye (Tibetan Yoga) Relaxation
Sunday, July 12, 10 AM to Noon
Instructor: Dave Abercrombie
$15. Free to students in the Institute's Certificate Programs.

Discover the gentle movement exercises of Kum Nye (Tibetan Yoga): effective techniques for relaxation, healing, relieving tension, and revitalizing body and mind. Both experienced and beginning students are welcome to attend this drop-in class. T o view the Nyingma Institute Kum Nye (Tibetan Yoga) video, click here 

Summer Quarter Kum Nye classes, workshops and retreats now in progress.  Click here for information about our Kum Nye Certificate Program. 


Tibetan Chanting
Sunday, July 12, 5-5:45 PM

The practice of mantra enables us to restore a natural balance and harmony in our lives. When we chant a mantra, we are free to transcend habitual reflexes. The sound of mantra can still the mind and senses, relax the body, and connect us with natural healing energy. - Tarthang Tulku, Hidden Mind of Freedom.

Every Sunday we invite the public to join us for almost an hour of Tibetan chanting and meditation. Also join us for the Full Moon Chant. In many Buddhist lands, the full moon is a time to gather for prayer and meditation. We continue this tradition at the Nyingma Institute through holding a chanting ceremony on full moon nights. Join Nyingma students and friends in chanting the Vajra Guru Mantra interspersed with periods of meditation. The chant is held in one of our classrooms and is led by a faculty member, from 8 - 9:30 PM. Click here for a schedule of the full moon chants. 


Sunday Talks
Sunday, July 12, 6-7 PM

Mark Henderson on “Awakened Breath”

Tibetan Yoga practices cleanse the mind-stream of the negative emotions of anger, attachment, and dullness. Breathing practices in particular bring stillness to the mind, opening the door to investigating the true nature of body, feelings, mind, and phenomena, which in turn opens us up to awakened compassion. Nyingma Institute instructor Mark Henderson will discuss how to ‘wake up’ the breath in this way.

Click here for a list of talks in July.

Applications are still accepted for this four-month retreat:


2015 Program: August 26-December 12

This retreat provides students with an intense four-month period of study and practice of Nyingma teachings. The retreat curriculum is a program in human development, working both cognitively and experientially with mind, body, and spiritual awareness. Students develop insight into the nature of consciousness, emotion, thought, embodiment, and feeling. Exercises release the hold of negative habitual patterning within body and mind, allowing previously untapped human qualities to emerge. Participants are instructed in how to integrate their new knowledge and way of being within daily life so that what is learned in the retreat continues to unfold and develop.

Upon completion, students will understand how habitual patterns of thought and emotions arise, how to transform negative energy patterns to allow previously untapped human qualities to emerge, and how to integrate their new knowledge and way of being within daily life so that what is learned in the retreat continues to unfold.

Cost for this retreat: $6,800 (nonresidential); $9,200 (residential) which may be paid in monthly installments ($1,700 nonresidential; $2,300 residential.). Note that both residential and nonresidential costs include vegetarian meals.

Instructors: Sylvia Gretchen and the Nyingma Institute faculty.

To learn more about this retreat, click here.


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