September Term (September 2nd – 30th, 2017)

Please visit our CALENDAR for a day-by-day course schedule. You can also visit our STUDENT PORTAL for course listings.

September Term courses are only 4 weeks, while Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall Quarters consist of 10 weeks.

Registration ends after the second week, with some Kum Nye classes still available for drop-in.

We offer courses in 7 fields of study:

Nyingma Meditation

The practice of Nyingma Meditation leads to serenity and insight. Courses provide instruction in meditation techniques and support for daily practice. Learn more.

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Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga

The gentle movement, massage, and breathing practices of Kum Nye promote physical and emotional health as they bridge the gap between the material and the spiritual. Learn more.

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Nyingma Psychology

Nyingma psychology and practices offer unique insight into the human situation and innovative ways to ease emotional discomfort. Learn more.

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Buddhist Studies

These courses investigate the nature of the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha; Abhidharma, the study of mind and mental events; the Bodhisattva path and the six perfections, and other related topics. Learn more.

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Tibetan Language

Developing a reading knowledge of classical written Tibetan gives access to a vast literature, largely unavailable in Western languages. Learn more.

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Skillful Means

Skillful Means courses offer practical techniques that help students explore fulfillment and self-knowledge through work. Learn more.

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Time, Space, and Knowledge

Time, Space and Knowledge courses create openings to a creative and dynamic vision of reality. Learn more.

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You can also view the schedule of current classes in our calendar.

2017 Quarters

  • Summer Quarter: June 12 – August 18
  • September Term: September 4 – 29
  • Fall Quarter: October 9 – December 15