Free Programs


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Below is a list of our free programs. Click on the title or scroll down for details and descriptions.

Every Sunday evening at the Nyingma Institute:

Tibetan Chanting
5-6 PM
The practice of mantra enables us to restore a natural balance and harmony in our lives. When we chant a mantra, we are free to transcend habitual reflexes. The sound of mantra can still the mind and senses, relax the body, and connect us with natural healing energy. - Tarthang Tulku, Hidden Mind of Freedom.
Every Sunday we invite the public to join us for an hour of Tibetan chanting and meditation.

Sunday Lecture Series

6-7 PM

A talk on Nyingma teachings is presented by a Nyingma Institute faculty member or visiting scholar. 

Healthy Living Lecture Series
January 4 - February 22, 2015


Nyingma Institute Open House

Upcoming Dates in 2015:

Sunday, March 22
Sunday, June 7
Sunday, August 30
Sunday, October 4
Sunday, December 6

3-5 PM.

Quarterly open houses introduce Kum Nye, and meditation, and provide the opportunity to meet Institute faculty and staff. The open house program runs from 3-5 PM with light refreshments, followed by our regular Sunday chanting at 5 pm and talk at 6 PM. Come for some or all of the activities. All open house events are free.

  • Prayer wheel and meditation garden tour
  • Tibetan Relaxation (Kum Nye yoga) demonstration
  • Talk on the Nyingma Institute, its programs and activities
  • Class and program counseling
  • Reception with light refreshments


Full Moon Chant
Each month, 8-9:30 PM

In many Buddhist lands, the full moon is a time to gather for prayer and meditation. We continue this tradition at the Nyingma Institute through holding a chanting ceremony on full moon nights. Join Nyingma students and friends in chanting the Vajra Guru Mantra interspersed with periods of meditation. The chant is held in one of our classrooms and is led by a faculty member, from 8 - 9:30 PM.

Upcoming Full Moon Chants in 2015

  • Tuesday, February 3
  • Thursday, March 5



Winter 2015
Healthy Living Lecture Series
January 4 - February 22, 2015

In this lecture series, we view healthy living as the optimization of our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Each lecture focusses on particular teachings and practices from the Nyingma Institute designed to help you improve your overall health in 2015.

Sunday, January 4, 2015, 6-7 PM
Sylvia Gretchen on "Reclaiming the Heart."

When we feel pressed to fulfill the demands of the moment instead of listening to the advice of our heart, our lives can lose all sense of direction and purpose. One thing follows another so quickly and uncontrollably that we may even wonder, “How did I get where I am?” or “What is the meaning of this life?”

“Reclaiming the heart” is the fundamental act of reconnecting with our authentic being. In this talk the co-dean of the Institute, Sylvia Gretchen, will trace the journey that will carry us back to our heart and to the truth of our lives.


Sunday, January 11, 6–7 PM
Olivia Hurd on “Finding Emotional Balance.”

Life’s ups and downs tend to push us from joy to sorrow, sometimes in dizzying succession. There is another way to approach difficult situations and handle the waves of negative emotions that they unleash. Nyingma Psychology instructor Olivia Hurd will discuss how to apply meditative awareness to find emotional balance even in the midst of turmoil.


Sunday, January 18, 2015, 6-7 PM
Donna Morton on "Hunger and Satisfaction."

We can satiate ourselves, but still remain unfulfilled. Like an itch we cannot quite reach to scratch, a deep hunger persists within us. Nutritional consultant and Nyingma Institute instructor Donna Morton explains how to nourish ourselves through mindfully opening our senses to enjoyment and delight.


Sunday, January 25, 2015, 6-7 PM
Barr Rosenberg on "Prayers for World Peace."

“Beyond the beliefs of any one religion, there is the truth of the human spirit. Beyond the power of nations, there is the power of the human heart. Beyond the ordinary mind, the power of wisdom, love, and healing energy are at work in the universe. When we can find peace within our hearts, we contact these universal powers. This is our only hope.”
               Spoken by Tarthang Tulku, founder and Director of the Nyingma Institute, at the World Peace Ceremony in Bodh Gaya, India, 1991.

In a world beset with violence, prayers for peace focus mind and spirit on a compassionate and gentle way of life. Working together, we can create a community, a society, and a world where peace and respect for others form the core of our values. This talk by the co-dean of the Nyingma Institute Barr Rosenberg coincides with the twenty-sixth World Peace Ceremony held at the site of the Buddha’s enlightenment in India. During the ceremony over 20,000 lamas, nuns, monks, and laypeople spend ten days in prayer, chanting ancient texts that have served through millennia to evoke the strength of the human heart to turn toward peace and compassion.


Sunday, February 1, 2015, 6-7 PM
Mark Henderson on “Longchenpa: Master of the Nyingma Lineage.”

Mark Henderson discusses the remarkable achievements of Longchenpa, a 14th century Tibetan master. Longchenpa was a great poet who wrote with brilliant clarity; an all-knowing master who wrote on many topics, whose works that survive fill over 5,000 pages; a man with phenomenal memory and tireless energy; a perfected master in the Dzogchen lineage and a worker of miracles; a dedicated teacher; and one of the greatest figures in the Nyingma lineage. His story and teachings can inspire and enrich our own efforts.


Sunday, February 8, 6-7 PM
Jack van der Meulen on "Nurturing Loving Feelings."

We can consciously nurture the inner warmth of loving feelings through Tibetan Yoga exercises that release tension in the heart area, allowing us to both give and receive affection more freely. Tibetan Yoga teacher Jack van der Meulen will present exercises that help to open the heart to feeling and will discuss how these practices can be applied in daily life.


Sunday, February 15, 6-7 PM
Sylvia Gretchen "Healing Pain."

We can change the way we interact with pain through meditation and visualization exercises, unlocking new possibilities for easing pain and promoting healing. With sustained practice, we may be able to transmute the experience of pain into pure energy. Sylvia Gretchen, the co-dean of the Nyingma Institute, will discuss these mental transformations and lead participants in a guided meditation to help relieve pain.


Sunday, February 22, 6-7 PM
Barr Rosenberg on "Listening for the Knowledge We Need."

How do we sort through the barrage of thoughts and opinions that often come at us (or from us) when we need to make an important decision? This talk by the Nyingma Institute’s co-dean Barr Rosenberg is about learning to listen to ourselves and others in ways that lead to insightful solutions. The talk presents various steps along the path of discovering the knowledge we need, and explains some important themes that come up along the way.


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