Explore meditation, Tibetan yoga, human psychology, and the art of living to your fullest potential.

“Meditation is not withdrawal from life, it is an extension:

we can take it with us to enrich whatever we do, wherever we go.”

From Openness Mind by Tarthung Tulku, Nyingma Institute Founder

The Nyingma Institute welcomes students from all walks of life.  Whether you prefer a secular or a sacred approach, you will find support in our friendly and compassionate community. Students may focus on developing wellness through meditation and psychological growth, or they may immerse themselves in traditional Dharma studies, including the practices of mantra, visualization, chanting, and walking meditation. Our joyful, affirmative approach fosters the development of the whole individual – body, mind, and senses.

You are invited to choose classes that interest you from any of our five general areas of study. Meditation classes guide students towards balance and ease of mind and body. Kum Nye massage and movement – a yoga from the Tibetan tradition – frees the flow of the body’s energy to achieve optimum health and vitality. Classes in Skillful Means reawaken the joy of work as a challenge to learn and grow. Our courses in Time, Space and Knowledge open new discoveries of what it means to be human. And for those wishing to immerse themselves in the sacred wisdom of Tibet, the study of classical written Tibetan unlocks a vast treasury of profound wisdom.

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