Olivia Hurd


Olivia Hurd, Instructor

Olivia Hurd, B.F.A, is a textile artist and retired children’s publisher, co-founder of the Peaceable Kingdom Press. She is a long-time meditation practitioner, and has been a student at the Nyingma Institute for over 20 years. She teaches Beginning and Intermediate Nyingma Meditation, Nyingma Psychology, and Buddhist Studies classes, as well as workshops and retreats at the Institute.

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Hugh Joswick


Hugh Joswick, Instructor

Hugh Joswick, Ph.D., has been studying at the Nyingma Institute since the mid-1990’s. While working full-time outside the Institute, Hugh volunteers many hours a week in various capacities to help the Institute function more effectively and to bring his skill with photography and computer technology to bear on Institute projects. Trained as a Philosophy Professor, Hugh is a devoted practitioner of meditation and a continuing student of Nyingma teachings. He brings a gentle technique and a skillful style of inquiry to teaching Nyingma Meditation at the Intermediate level.

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