May 20 (10 AM-4:45 PM)

What is good for the brain is good for the whole being. This workshop presents an integrated program of Tibetan Yoga movement, breathing, and awareness exercises that can increase the healthy functioning of the brain. You will also learn about foods that nourish brain health and how exercise and good sleep patterns can rejuvenate the brain.

Recent research studies provide clear evidence that regular meditation, healthy eating, exercise, and a positive mental outlook slow the aging process in the brain—allowing us to stay healthy and happy longer. Writer Jeffrey Kluger recently wrote in Time Magazine that, “Deciding to live better, it increasingly seems, is the same as deciding to live younger.” Tibetan Yoga helps us to do just that: decreasing stress and negative thinking, while increasing circulation throughout the body as it opens the senses to positive stimuli. Tibetan Yoga instructor, physical therapist, and nutritional consultant Donna Morton has successfully worked for many years with students and clients battling illness and physical limitation. She firmly believes that we are never too old or too young to make healthy lifestyle changes. Says Donna, “Tibetan Yoga offers techniques and approaches that simultaneously benefit body and mind. This is a powerful combination that can be utilized directly to increase brain functioning and health at any age.”

Cost: $80. Instructor: Donna Morton. Open to all levels of students.