Special Events


The following is a list of special events. 

Saga Dawa: May 7–June 5: May 7th begins the Tibetan month that includes the anniversary of Shakyamuni Buddha’s birth and enlightenment. This month (which concludes on June 5th) is an auspicious time to focus on Dharma practice, work, and study, taking advantage of the timeless power of enlightenment. It is also a time to refrain from negative actions that might harm oneself or others. Traditionally, Nyingma community members avoid any intoxicating substance and maintain a strict vegetarian diet during this Tibetan month.


Upcoming Free classes (all scheduled during Quarter breaks):

May 30–June 3

Meditations on the Compassionate Buddha

Monday through Friday, May 30-June 3, 7-8 PM

Contemplating the form of the Buddha and invoking his presence is said to be a way to bring peace and harmony to oneself and others. We will do just that in a series of free classes held each weeknight evening from May 30 to June 3. A Nyingma Institute instructor will lead participants in a chant dedicated to the Buddha, followed by silent meditation. The evening sessions will include instruction in a visualization practice that will further deepen the practice.


Nyingma Institute Open House 
June 5


 Open houses introduce Kum Nye, and meditation, and provide the opportunity to meet Institute faculty and staff. The open house program runs from 3–5 PM with light refreshments, followed by our regular Sunday chanting at 5 pm and talk at 6 PM. Come for some or all of the activities. All open house events are free.

  • Prayer wheel and meditation garden tour
  • Tibetan Relaxation (Kum Nye yoga) demonstration
  • Talk on the Nyingma Institute, its programs and activities
  • Class and program counseling
  • Reception with light refreshments

Upcoming Open House Dates:

  • August 28
  • October 2
  • December 4


Upcoming schedules: Click on the links below to go to the respective pages within our website.

Summer classes begin June 6, click here to go to the classes page.
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The Four-Month Human Development Training retreat begins August 18th.

Full Moon Chant
8–9:30 PM

In many Buddhist lands, the full moon is a time to gather for prayer and meditation. We continue this tradition at the Nyingma Institute through holding a chanting ceremony on full moon nights. Join Nyingma students and friends in chanting the Vajra Guru Mantra interspersed with periods of meditation. The chant is held in one of our classrooms and is led by a faculty member, from 8–9:30 PM.

No registration is required. The chant starts promptly at 8 PM, so please arrive a few minutes earlier.

Upcoming Full Moon Chant Dates

  • June 20
  • July 19
  • August 18
  • September 16
  • October 16
  • November 14


Tibetan New Year’s: February 9 (we may have a chant)

Buddha’s Enlightenment: May 21 (will have full moon chant and other possible daytime events or retreat)


Upcoming Free classes (all scheduled during Quarter breaks):

May 30–June 3, (click here to see above)

August 15–26, Mondays through Fridays, 7–8 PM

September 26–30, with free workshop on October 1


Meditations on Breath

Monday through Friday, August 15-26, 7-8 PM

The healing power of breath takes center stage during the two-week break following the Nyingma Institute’s Summer quarter. Each weekday evening participants will be led through gentle breathing exercises that relax and re-tune body and mind.


Contact us at (510) 809–1000 or email us at nyingma-institute@nyingma.org.