Parking at the Institute

The Nyingma Institute has a limited amount Nyingma Parking Lotof off-street parking available for visitors, students, and residents. If you are coming to the Institute for the first time, please call ahead to get instructions for how to use our parking lot (510) 809-1000. We encourage students to car-pool or take public transportation whenever possible.

Street Parking in our area is free and unlimited on Saturdays and Sundays only. On weekdays there is a two hour parking limit and rules are strictly enforced.

Note: Parking will be limited during UC Berkeley and Greek Theater Events.

There are two nearby parking structures and one parking lot as follows:

1. UC Upper Hearst Parking Structure

Hearst Ave / La Loma Ave

Berkeley, CA 94720

(510) 643-7701

Opening Hours & Prices

Mon-Fri 5pm-2am

Sat 5am-2am

Sun 5am-2am

$ 2.00 / 1 hour

$20.00 / max

2. The Stadium Parking Structure

2175 Gayley Rd

Berkeley, CA 94720

(415) 813-4365

Mon-Sun 24 hours

1 Hour, $ 3.00; 2 Hours, $ 7.00; 3 Hours, $ 10.00


3. Foothill Parking Lot

Drive East on Hearst Ave. Pass Highland Place, Hearst Ave turns slightly and continues to Cyclotron, a few hundred feet up on the right is the "Foothill Parking Lot".

Ticket Dispensing Machines and Rates

• Ticket dispensing machines (TDMs) accept $1, $5 bills and credit cards only.

• The new rates are $2 per/hour, $20 maximum valid until 2am.

To operate a ticket machine:

• Enter Space #, then press ENTER

• Insert Cash or Credit Card. For cash transactions, please use exact change, machine does not give change.

• For credit card transactions, insert card and press ADD $1 for the amount of time you want to park.

• Press ENTER to receive your ticket

Near the ticket booth is a walkway that runs South along the "Foothill UC Housing" at the end of the walkway you will see the Nyingma Institute right across the street.