Continuing Education Programs for Lawyers

Continuing Education Programs for Lawyers

Since 1992, the Nyingma Institute has offered courses that fulfill the MCLE requirements established by the State Bar of California. We offer several sections of all required courses: Legal Ethics, Competence Issues, and Bias in the Legal Profession. We have worked with practicing attorneys to design our schedule to meet your needs. Courses are scheduled so that you can earn up to 6 MCLE credits in a single day. Most programs are held in the peaceful environment of the Nyingma Institute and include a declicious vegetarian lunch.

MCLE 2016  

Courses will be held Friday, November 11; Saturday, December 3, and Saturday, January 14.

To register, call (510) 809-1000, or send a check for full payment, payable to the Nyingma Institute.

Please indicate the following:  

  1. title and date(s) of the course(s) you wish to attend
  2. your name, address, fax, firm, telephone number, and email

We will fax you confirmation, directions and parking instructions. 

Note: Tuition is non-refundable, but can be applied to other MCLE programs. VISA and MasterCard accepted.



8:30 AM–9:30 AM   Competence Issues

9:45 AM–10:45 AM   Bias in the Legal Profession

11:00 AM–1:00 PM   Exploring Legal Ethics Part 1

1:15 PM–2:00 PM   Lunch

2:00 PM–4:00 PM   Exploring Legal Ethics Part 2





This course is about detecting factors that can impair an attorney's ability to work competently.  The focus will be on identifying the signs and symptoms of substance abuse, depression, anxiety, and stress.  The goal will be to educate attorneys in detecting these problems in a timely fashion so that appropriate actions can be taken before they impact job performance.

1.0 MCLE credit in Competence Issues.

Cost: $55.

See schedule for times.


This one-hour course explores the roots of bias and offers communication practices that will assist in recognizing and preventing bias in the legal profession.

1.0 MCLE credit in Bias.

Cost: $55.

See schedule for times.


To be an ethical attorney, is it enough to comply with the Rules of Professional Conduct, or is there more to it? What are the reasons to act ethically in our profession, and what are the consequences of not doing so? Through lecture, discussion, and analysis, we’ll explore these and other significant questions of legal ethics, becoming aware of when professional restraints require certain behavior, and when we are free to make ethical choices for ourselves.

2.0 MCLE credits in Legal Ethics.

Cost: $110.

See schedule for times.


In this course, the emphasis is on developing awareness of ethical issues that fall between the cracks--the day-to-day situations that may not be specifically addressed by the Rules. In our scramble to win, do we sometimes carry ‘zealous advocacy’ too far? Through lively discussion and interactive exercises we’ll analyze real-life situations and develop practical responses. The goal is to understand the ethical choices we have, and to learn to exercise them wisely. Note: Part 2 of Legal Ethics may not be taken unless you also take Part 1.

2.0 MCLE credits in Legal Ethics

Cost: $110.  

See schedule for times.


Comments from participants in our 2012/2013 programs:

“This was the best substance abuse/stress class I have been to.”

“Great discussion – thought provoking.”

“Outstanding. Highly Effective/Useful.”

“Terrific; gracious; open; easy to participate.”

"I'm always struck by the effectiveness and benefits of Nyingma programs."



Nyingma Institute has been approved as a continuing legal education provider of Minimum Continuing Legal Education credit by the State Bar of California.