Jan. 14 / How to Meditate (MED401)

Meditation is the process of self-discovery. On one level the meditation experience shows us the patterns of our lives—how we have carried on our emotional characteristics since childhood. But on another level it frees us from these patterns, making it easier for us to see our inner potentials. Tarthang Tulku, Gesture of Balance.

This half-day workshop provides basic instruction in meditation and allows time to discuss how to sustain or renew a regular meditation practice. You will learn how to sit and focus the mind in silent meditation. You will also learn how to utilize Tibetan chanting in meditation. This workshop is a good introduction to the unique Nyingma approach to self-development, an approach that emphasizes individual responsibility and freedom.

MED401 How to Meditate, January 14 (10 AM–1 PM)

Cost: $45. Instructor: Olivia Hurd. 10 AM–1 PM, followed by lunch. Suitable for beginning or intermediate students wishing to establish a regular meditation practice.