April 22 (10 AM-4:45 PM)

“As we let beauty speak to us, if we bring our experience close to the heart, it will expand, and even overflow the ordinary boundaries between self and world. We may touch a quality of bliss or openness or merging where being itself is celebrating ecstatically.” Tarthang Tulku, Seeing the Beauty of Being.

Our physical senses are capable of receiving great beauty, bringing moments of exquisite feeling and deep satisfaction. To activate this capacity for beauty, confusion and repressed anger must be cleared out of the pathways of the senses. The Kum Nye practices introduced in this workshop initiate a stream of inner feeling that purifies the senses.

Cost: $80. Primary Instructor: Santosh Philip. Based on Tarthang Tulku’s Seeing the Beauty of Being and Joy of Being. Open to all levels of students.