Saga Dawa 2019: Dates TBA

Celebrating the Buddha’s Birth, Enlightenment & Parinirvana

About Saga Dawa

Saga Dawa is the most holy month of the year for Tibetan Buddhists. It usually starts in May or June (please check back for dates as the time draws nearer). During this very special time, meritorious action is multiplied 100,000 times, so positive actions are especially powerful. The most important days within the month of Saga Dawa are the birth of the Buddha and the Buddha’s Enlightenment and Parinirvana, which is known as Saga Dawa Düchen; düchen means “great occasion.”

Buddhists may travel to temples and monasteries to practice in a formal but celebratory way by reciting devotional prayer, sutras and mantras. They also may make a point to go on pilgrimage, practice circumambulation, and make offerings of generosity and butter lamps throughout this month. Of these meritorious practices, one of the most important is reciting and honoring the precious words of the Buddha.

Activities at Nyingma Institute

At the Nyingma Institute, we celebrate Saga Dawa each year with events and devotional practice, with traditional practices led by  the deans, Lama Palzang and Pema Gellek.

The meditation garden is transformed into a beautiful oasis of contemplation and devotion with the addition of a large Shakyamuni Buddha altar created especially for this celebration. The traditional ornamentation and rich colors offer a focal point for practice, and the beautiful and vibrant space evokes a joyful and open state of mind.

Open to the Public

During Saga Dawa, you can come enjoy the garden, practice individually, join a group session, or participate in one of our scheduled events.