Wellness Weekends

How do we gently, but intentionally and systematically, transform our daily experience to become the nutrition that fuels our flourishing?

How do we direct body, speech and mind in the service of realizing our full potential?

What conditions do we need to cultivate to truly flourish?

Join us for a joyful, engaged 6-month journey as we explore:  food; lifestyle and environment; posture and movement patterns; habits of mind and senses; relaxation and resilience; daily rhythms; relationships.

Our exploration methods include:  movement and stillness; cooking and kitchen craft; questioning and listening; observing and journaling; nature connection; a good dose of playfulness

All in a supportive and interactive environment.

The program is held on the second Saturday of each month, from June to November 2017.

Wellness weekends are designed as an integrated 6-month series of weekend retreats. The workshops are most powerful when taken as a complete series, but drop-ins are welcome. 

Available only until July 8 (the second Wellness Weekend):  Receive a discount of $120 when you sign up for all 6 Wellness Weekends.

June 10: Connecting with the Pulse of Time (The Journey Begins)

Topics:  The big picture; appreciation for this precious life

Lab: Getting our lives into rhythm, connecting with the pulse of time

In the pursuit of what and how, we can often neglect when.

Life has a rhythm to it. When our own circadian rhythms are in synchrony, we more reliably experience well being. To achieve this we benefit from becoming more sensitive to the interplay of natural rhythms and our own rhythms of daily living, food choices, and attitudes. Out of sync, many aspects of our health can suffer.

The ongoing rhythms of nature are clearly exemplified in the 24-hour day with its light-dark and temperature cycles, the lunar tides and the cycle of the seasons, and in our bodies as the rhythms of our heartbeat, breath, and sleep-wake, eating-fasting, and movement-resting cycles. Cues from the outer environment as well as our own behaviors help to sync our internal body clocks, initiating circadian rhythms.

We will spend the day exploring the many aspects of life’s rhythms, and come away with a plan to restore the joy and balance that comes with tuning your body’s rhythms and syncing with the pulse of time.

Plan for movement, stillness, journaling, learning, questioning, some outdoor time and food play! For those interested, there will be suggested assignments for the weeks ahead.

Establishing these internal rhythms is the foundation for next month’s exploration: The Road to Health is Paved with Good Intestines!

July 8: The Road to Flourishing is Paved with Good Intestines

Whole foods nutrition; your gut community and ‘you’

Lab: Fermentation and kitchen craft

Of all the major systems in the body, the digestive system is the one we have the most day-to-day influence over. However, just as we might drive a car for a lifetime and not know the details of how it operates, most of us know little about the complex operations and transformations that go on as food and fluids traverse the gut from start to finish.

Did you know that…

  • Your  digestive  tract is essentially outside your body?
  • The  majority  of  your  immune  system is dedicated to gut surveillance?
  • Most  people  with  acid  reflux produce too little stomach acid?
  • The  surface  area  of  your  small  intestine is larger than a tennis court?
  • You  have  ten  times  more  bacteria in your gut than cells in your body?
  • Your gut community of bacteria play a profound role in your immune system, digestion, mood, and behavior?
  • Your gut is considered ground zero for restoring health?

Come take a fascinating and intimate tour of your digestive tract anatomy and its functions. You’ll come away appreciating the profound role it plays in your health, and knowing how to help it run smoothly. We will employ many modalities for improving gut health, including whole foods nutrition, fermentation, relaxation, mindful eating, movement that supports digestion, journaling and more.

August 12: The Power of Posture to Shape Well Being

Posture’s role in mood and memory, pain and performance

Lab: The seven gestures in daily life

Look over at your neighbor, your family, your co-worker right now: their posture unconsciously expresses how they are. It affects everything from mood and confidence, to memory, digestion, bone health and pain. When we learn to hold ourselves differently, we have conscious positive impact on the very course of our lives. This is an invitation to joyfully explore posture as a gateway to wholeness and health, using our own body-minds as our laboratory.

Did you know that..

  • Posture affects the play of hormones coursing through your bloodstream?
  • Adopting good posture can help your mood and energy?
  • 90% of people with back pain have the same postural fault?
  • Poor posture contributes to indigestion?
  • Your posture at this moment is shaping your skeleton?

Using the Seven Gestures from the Tibetan Nyingma tradition as our foundation, you will learn how to build your posture in sitting and standing in a way that supports optimal structural health as well as mood, energy, and movement. We will use Kum Nye Tibetan yoga practices to embody our cognitive understanding. You’ll come away with a new appreciation of the mind-body relationship, and gain methods for supporting enduring health. Be prepared to move into the unfamiliar, and discover a new way of being.

September 9: Clearing the Inner and Outer Environment

Toxins, perceptions, attitudes and beliefs, and relationships

Lab: Green solutions for home and body care

October 14: Relaxation and Resilience

Creating the internal space to be; meeting and greeting obstacles

Lab: Exploring supports for a good night’s sleep

November 11: Community is the Cure

Interdependence, support, and service

Lab: Purpose, path and ongoing practice

Instructor: Donna Morton

Donna’s specialty is health and wellness education. As a practicing physical therapist, holistic nutrition consultant and educator, and experienced Kum Nye Tibetan yoga teacher, she brings a multidisciplinary and embodied approach to human flourishing.

Individual Wellness Weekend

  • A complete weekend experience in a beautiful serene setting with contemplative gardens, access to our reading room and the leisure to integrate insights from supportive group instruction sessions.
  • Friday: Arrive between 3 – 6 PM and check into your private, comfortable room. Settle and relax into your weekend.
  • Saturday: Choose from breakfast foods available in the community kitchen, including bread, granola, cheese, fruit, teas and coffee. Attend instruction sessions from 10:00 AM – 4:45 PM, with tea breaks and a vegetarian buffet-style lunch.
  • Sunday: On Sunday morning, enjoy a lovely brunch. Participate in optional meditation (9 – 10 AM) and Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga (10 AM – noon) sessions. Brunch is served at noon. Check out in the afternoon by 2 PM.
  • Includes complimentary meditation session and Tibetan Yoga Kum Nye session on Sunday morning, Sunday brunch, Saturday lunch, Saturday self-serve breakfast, a 2-night stay and the instruction session on Saturday.

Wellness Weekend Series

  • Receive a discount of $120 when you sign up for all 6 Wellness Weekends by July 8, the second Wellness Weekend.
  • The Wellness Weekends are designed as a journey. Experience their full benefit when you participate in the complete series.

Saturday Instruction Only

  • Includes Saturday instruction from 10:00 AM – 4:45 PM, with vegetarian buffet lunch and tea breaks
  • Non-Residential

Available only until July 8:  Sign up for all 6 weekends for a $120 discount!