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Nyingma Organizations in the United States

The Nyingma Institute works closely with all of the organizations that Tarthang Tulku has founded over the years. These include the Tibetan Aid Project, Dharma Publishing, Odiyan Retreat Center, Yeshe De Text Preservation Project, Nyingma Centers, the Ratna Ling Retreat Center, and Guna Foundation. The deans of the Institute also help advise the faculty at the Nyingma Institutes in Holland, Germany, and Brazil.

Nyingma Centers Logo Nyingma Centers guides the growth of Nyingma Centers world-wide, coordinating their educational programs, publishing, and sacred art activities, and projects that support preservation of Tibetan culture.
Dharma Publishing Logo Dharma Publishing offers books and art that provide a wide range of Buddhist teachings for practitioners, academic specialists, and general readers.
Tibetan Aid Project Logo Tibetan Aid Project supports the efforts of Tibetans to preserve and continue their religious and cultural heritage by supporting education, sponsoring traditional ceremonies, and helping fund production and shipment of books for donation to Tibetan monasteries and individuals in Asia
Yeshe De Logo Yeshe De Text Preservation works to preserve the treasury of Buddhist teachings that provide the foundation for Tibetan Buddhist practice and the higher studies of Mahayana, with a special focus on the works of the Nyingma traditions.
Ratna Ling Logo

Ratna Ling is a retreat center nestled in the rolling, wooded hills of coastal Sonoma County. As part of its religious activities, Ratna Ling produces sacred Tibetan texts that are given back to the Tibetan people in Asia to replenish their libraries and help restore their wisdom tradition.

Guna Foundation
aims to document the activities of TNMC, providing a valuable record of and insight into its activities and thereby supporting the continuation of its efforts.


The mission of Dharma College is to study, develop, and transmit essential knowledge necessary to understand fully the nature of mind and its transformative potential.



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Nyingma Centrum Nederland
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Nyingma Zentrum Deutschland
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Instituto Nyingma do Rio de Janeiro
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Instituto Nyingma do Brasil