Prayer Flag Project

Prayer Flags at the Nyingma Institute

Preserved in the ancient Buddhist traditions are sacred methods for generating Prayer Flagshealing, creating harmony in nature, and clearing the accumulated negative actions of beings. According to scriptures, sacred texts and images written on fabric and flown as flags generate a sacred healing power that affects the surrounding environment and the beings that dwell there. As sunlight and wind move across the surface of the fabric, the positive force of the colors, letters, and shapes are transmitted outward into the world.

Although the way this works may seem to transcend rationality, the effects can be noticed. At the Nyingma Institute you will see rows of prayer flags catching every breeze, their vibrant colors and images glistening in the sun. Created under Tarthang Tulku’s direction these prayer flags are a gesture toward goodness, a compassionate action designed to help all living beings find deeper balance and harmony.

Prayer flags are regularly sewn at the Institute and at our other Nyingma organizations in Berkeley. If you are skilled in sewing and would like to help in this work, contact our volunteer coordinator. If you would like to experience the benefit of the flags for yourself, spend some time contemplating
the prayer flags that grace the Institute’s meditation garden and buildings.