Finding Inner Peace Meditation Certificate Program

Finding Inner Peace
Nyingma Meditation Certificate Program

Inner peace is a great gift to give ourselves. Our needless worries, regrets, and confusions fall away. We no longer suffer from sharp inner debates of right and wrong, alternating between strength and weakness, aggression and collapse. In their place come genuine ease and self-respect.

How do we give ourselves this gift? Focusing the mind inward through meditation, we discover that the mind deserves our loving care and that we can cultivate peaceful positive states of mind, nourishing and benefitting ourselves and others.

The Finding Inner Peace Meditation Program offers the sustained guidance and support needed to develop a regular meditation practice. Taught in an open-minded way, this year-long program draws on a rich variety of introspective practices from the Tibetan tradition. The goal of the program is for each participant to gain the inner tools needed to tap into the serenity and clarity that forms the core of mind.

Program Description:
Nyingma Meditation traces its origin to the time of the Buddha, 2,500 years ago. The Finding Inner Peace Meditation program introduces students to the fundamentals of meditation practice and provides the support for developing an on-going daily practice.

Classes offer instruction and guidance in silent sitting and walking meditation, Tibetan mantra practice, visualization, Tibetan Yoga (Kum Nye), and mindful living. Readings bring insight to the nature of mind and meditation.

Program Length: Minimum 1 year (52 weeks); maximum 2 years (104 weeks). Includes 130 hours of in-class instruction.

Costs: Tuition: $1,500 (may be paid quarterly); Registration fee and State fees: $30; Estimated costs for books: $50. Tuition costs cover all required and elective classes and workshops and one nonresidential retreat.

Advisors: Students are paired with an advisor who will help them through the enrollment process and check-in on their progress throughout the program.

Program Components: The Program includes five required classes in meditation, one elective class, four workshops, and one week-long retreat in Nyingma meditation or a related area.

Program Components and Schedules

Note that classes and workshops may be taken in any order.


Required Classes (offered annually):

Winter Quarter:

MED102 Developing Inner Serenity (15 hours)

Tuesdays, 10-11:30 AM

Thursdays, 6:15-7:45 PM

Spring Quarter:

MED103 Calm and Clear (15 hours):

Tuesdays, 10-11:30 AM

Thursdays, 6:15-7:45 PM

Summer Quarter:

MED104 Self-Observation (15 hours)

Tuesdays, 10-11:30 AM  or

Thursdays, 6:15-7:45 PM

September Session:

MED105 Meditation for Healing (6 hours)

Tuesdays, 10-11:30 AM or

Thursdays, 6:15-7:45 PM

Fall Quarter:

MED101 Quieting the Mind (15 hours)

Tuesdays, 10-11:30 AM or

Thursdays, 6:15-7:45 PM


Elective Workshops: (Choose a total of 20 hours)*

Note that workshops are held from 10 AM-4:45 PM unless otherwise noted. Dates to be announced.

NPS401 Transforming Negative Emotions (5 hours)

MED401 How to Meditate (2.5 hours)

NPR401 Dream Lotus Evening (2.5 hours)

MED402 Healing Sound (5 hours)

MED403 Calm and Clear (5 hours)

MED404 Unlocking Consciousness (2.5 hours)

MED406 Visualization in the Tibetan Tradition (5 hours)

MED412 Sacred Healing Breath (5 hours)

MED407 Foundations for Mindfulness (5 hours)

MED418 Gesture of Balance (5 hours)

MED419 Music and Meditation (2.5 hours)

NPS406 Activating Joyous Feeling (5 hours)

KNR403 Opening the Heart (5 hours)

KNR420 The Art of Sitting Comfortably (2.5 hours)

KNR401 Renewing and Refreshing the Senses (5 hours), 

KNR404 Balancing Emotions through Tibetan Yoga (5 hours)

KNR415 Stress Reduction through Tibetan Yoga (5 hours)


Elective Classes: (Choose one 15 hour class)*

KNR101 Beginning Kum Nye: Promoting Spaciousness (15 hours) 

KNR102 Beginning Kum Nye: Working with Lower Body Energy (15 hours) 

KNR103 Beginning Kum Nye: Releasing Tension and Restoring Balance (15 hours) 

KNR105 Beginning Kum Nye: Expanding Enjoyment and Ease (15 hours) 

TSK108 Time, Space, and Knowledge: Perspectives and Practices (15 hours) 

NPS102 Transforming Negative Emotions (15 hours) 


Elective Nonresidential Retreat: (Choose 1 retreat) *

Note: Program cost includes nonresidential retreats only; attending retreats residentially requires an additional fee for room and board.

MED501 Silent Retreat (29 hours)

MED502 Finding Inner Peace (29 hours) 

MED503 Developing Clarity (29 hours)

MED506 Reflection and Insight (29 hours)

KNR501 Tasting Relaxation (29 hours) 

KNR502 Kum Nye: Breath, Energy, Feeling (29 hours)

KNR503 Kum Nye: Attuning to the Present Moment (29 hours)

KNR505 Tibetan Yoga for Healing and Energy (29 hours)


*In individual cases, to further the educational goals of the student, elective classes, workshops and retreats may be substituted for those on these lists with the consent of the Program Director or the Chief Academic Officer.

Call (510) 809-1000 or email us at to schedule an initial appointment with an advisor to see if the Finding Inner Peace Program is right for you.