Day-Long Retreats Spring 2017

Day-Long retreats provide refuge from everyday life, immersing participants in a healing process of insight and tranquility.

Saturday Day-Long retreats begin at 10 AM and conclude at 4:45 PM unless otherwise noted, and they include a vegetarian buffet lunch. Day-Long retreats are open to all levels of students unless a prerequisite is specified.

Extend the benefits of your day-long by making it a weekend retreat! Day-long participants may arrange to stay overnight in one of the Institute’s comfortable guest rooms for an additional $45 per night. As a retreatant overnight day-long retreat guests are offered complimentary Sunday morning meditation and Tibetan Yoga class.

Wellness Weekends begin June 10

Wellness weekends are designed as an integrated 6-month series of weekend retreats. The workshops are most powerful when taken as a complete series, but drop-ins are also most welcome. Commit to the series upfront and enjoy some special benefits! The program is held on the second Saturday of each month, from June to November 2017.

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Spring 2017 Day-Long Retreats

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Vajrasattva Purification, April 1 (10 AM–4:45 PM)

All beings carry some negative karma that may present obstacles to the accumulation of merit and wisdom. This workshop will focus on the invocation of Vajrasattva as a powerful means of purification of the negativity of body, speech and mind.  The practice of the Four Reliances and prayers, mantras and visualizations related to Vajrasattva offer a process of deep purification of both gross and subtle imprints of the history we carry within mind.  As karmic bonds loosen in the brilliant light of bodhicitta, mind experiences ease and renewed vigor to continue the path of liberation.

Cost: $80. Instructors: Lama Palzang and Pema Gellek  Register online here.

A Return to Light, April 8 (10 AM–4:45 PM)

The Time, Space, and Knowledge vision describes a “light transmission” that is activated through knowledge. The discipline that leads from darkness to light begins with an experiential exploration into inner time and space. In this workshop, we discover a lightness of being through practices that illuminate the interplay of mind and world. We learn to find points of clarity within the world we inhabit, activating a path of light.

Light, radiance, and clarity then lead us forward on a journey that awakens delight and creativity. This journey takes us beyond outworn identities and concerns. “Lightly” we question the apparent limitation of who we are and what we can do—and mine each moment for clues that point beyond all limits.

Cost: $80. Instructor: Ken McKeon. Based on Tarthang Tulku’s, Dynamics of Time and Space. Open to all levels of students. Register online here.

Mindfulness through Tibetan Yoga, April 15 (10 AM–4:45 PM)

“Kum Nye is based on mindfulness or body and mindfulness of feeling, the first two of the four foundations of mindfulness that are the traditional basis of the spiritual path.” Tarthang Tulku, Joy of Being.

Tibetan Yoga (Kum Nye) practices take us to direct sensory experience, free from labels or identification. Touching the very roots of perception, they activate the latent power of penetrating insight. This workshop presents Tibetan Yoga practices that develop and maintain mindful attentiveness of body and feeling. As we partake of a symphony of rich and relaxed sensation, we learn to use the senses as agents of awakened awareness.

Cost: $80. Primary Instructor: Santosh Philip. Based on Tarthang Tulku’s Joy of Being. Prerequisite: Kum Nye or meditation experience. Register online here.

Embodiment of Beauty, April 22 (10 AM–4:45 PM)

“As we let beauty speak to us, if we bring our experience close to the heart, it will expand, and even overflow the ordinary boundaries between self and world. We may touch a quality of bliss or openness or merging where being itself is celebrating ecstatically.” Tarthang Tulku, Seeing the Beauty of Being.

Our physical senses are capable of receiving great beauty, bringing moments of exquisite feeling and deep satisfaction. To activate this capacity for beauty, confusion and repressed anger must be cleared out of the pathways of the senses. The Kum Nye practices introduced in this workshop initiate a stream of inner feeling that purifies the senses.

Cost: $80. Primary Instructor: Santosh Philip. Based on Tarthang Tulku’s Seeing the Beauty of Being and Joy of Being. Open to all levels of students. Register online here.

Seeing Through Self-Images, April 29 (10 AM–4:45 PM)

In this day-long retreat, we will explore the restrictive force of ‘self-images,” the conceptualizations our minds make of who we are. Developing neutral observation of these images, we can recognize how they operate and notice the thoughts and emotions tied up with them. This recognition begins a natural process of healing, allowing us to release negative self-talk and to let go of the images themselves.

Cost: $80. Instructors: Erika Rosenberg and Olivia Hurd. Based on Tarthang Tulku’s Openness Mind. Open to those with some experience in meditation or Nyingma Psychology. Register online here.

The Wheel of Life, May 5-6 (Friday, 7-9 PM; Saturday, 10 AM-4:45 PM)

The symbolism of the Tibetan Wheel of Life demonstrates fundamental Buddhist teachings concerning the force of actions, interdependent arising, and how mental patterns evolve and take form as conscious beings (like us) in various realms of existence. These key teachings point out how suffering arises, is perpetuated, and how it can be brought to an end.

Cost: $95. Instructors: Mark Henderson and Hugh Joswick. Friday, 7-9 PM; Saturday, 10 AM-4:45 PM. Prerequisite: sincere interest in the Buddha’s teachings. Register online here.

Resolving Problems, May 13 (10 AM–4:45 PM)

“By testing and refining understanding, we experience directly for ourselves how knowledge works. In time we find knowledge in our hands and in our voice; we know it so closely that there is no need to seek it or even give it names.” Tarthang Tulku, Mastering Successful Work.

Are your thoughts helpful? Do they resolve your problems at home and work? Why do some problems never get resolved and some situations seem hopelessly complex? Innovative cognitive and experiential exercises in this workshop show us new ways of thinking that address our problems directly. We feel better about ourselves and open new windows of opportunity.

Cost: $80. Instructor: Barr Rosenberg. Based on Tarthang Tulku's, Mastering Successful Work. Open to all levels of students. Register online here.

Integrating Flow of Feeling in the Energy Centers, May 13 (1-4PM)

Practices in this 3 hour workshop stimulate awareness and address tension in the head, throat, heart and belly centers. Learning how energy flows through or may be blocked in various centers, we can encourage positive energy, clarity, and more balance in our lives. This workshop is intended to support the Kum Nye students taking the weekly Working with Energy Centers class. Others are welcome to join in.

Cost: $40. Instructor: Abbe Blum. Open to all levels of students. Register online here.

Increasing Brain Health through Tibetan Yoga, May 20 (10 AM–4:45 PM)

This workshop presents an integrated program of Kum Nye movement, breathing, and awareness exercises that can increase the healthy functioning of the brain. You will also learn about foods that nourish brain health and how exercise and good sleep patterns can rejuvenate the brain.

Recent research studies provide clear evidence that regular meditation, healthy eating, exercise, regular sleep, and a positive mental outlook slow the aging process in the brain—allowing us to stay healthy and happy longer. Kum Nye decreases stress and negative thinking, while increasing circulation throughout the body as it opens the senses to positive stimuli. Tibetan Yoga instructor, physical therapist, and nutritional consultant Donna Morton firmly believes that we are never too old or too young to make healthy lifestyle changes.

Cost: $80. Instructor: Donna Morton. Open to all levels of students. Register online here.

Honoring the Buddha, May 27 (10 AM–4:45 PM)

This workshop will focus on meditations and prayers that connect us to awakened presence. Devotions directed in this way can cleanse the dark ignorance and frustration of desire and aversion, transforming mind into a precious receptacle for realization. Staying balanced within this open and responsive space, each thought and each dimension of experience conveys radiance and the visible blessings of the Buddha.

Cost: $80. Primary Instructor: Lama Palzang. Prerequisite: Sincere interest in the Buddha’s teachings. Register online here.


To register or for more information, please call (510) 809–1000 or email us at


Typical Workshop Schedule

10:00 AM Instruction Session

11:30 AM Tea Break

12:00 PM Instruction Session

1:00 PM Vegetarian Lunch

2:00 PM Instruction Session

3:30 PM Tea Break

4:00 PM Instruction Session

4:45 PM Workshop Concludes

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