Continuing Education Programs for Therapists and Social Workers

Continuing Education for Therapists and Social Workers

The following courses and workshops meet the qualifications for hours of continuing education credit for MFT’s and LCSW’s as required by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. (Provider: Nyingma Institute #2513.) They present innovative techniques that help manage physical and emotional pain and enhance overall well-being. Some of these techniques and approaches can be directly applied to help clients. We are often told by participants, however, that the greatest benefit comes from providing the therapist themselves tools to stay clear and balanced in the clinical setting.

The course list below gives dates, times, and short descriptions. Following each course description is the name of the Certificate Program or Programs that the course is part of (in parentheses). Clicking on the Program name will take you to a full description of the Program. The costs shown below apply when the courses are taken individually; costs are lower when courses are taken as part of a Certificate Program.

Saturday workshops begin at 10 AM, conclude at 4:45 PM, and include a vegetarian buffet lunch. Classes and workshops are open to those with all levels of experience in meditation. A full refund is given if a program is cancelled or a student is unable to attend.

Please register in advance so that we can have the necessary paperwork ready for you.

Winter 2015 Program

Weekly Courses

Nyingma Psychology

Nyingma psychology offers unique insight into the human situation and innovative ways to ease emotional discomfort.

Reclaiming the Heart (NPS101)

Mondays, 8—9:30 PM (January 5—May 25)

The purpose of this five-month course is to awaken self-knowledge and inner joy. Class sessions include powerful non-conceptual meditations. They present key ideas and techniques from the Tibetan tradition that help each student discover more of the rich inner fulfillment that our mind and senses offer. Topics include: transformation through love; emotions as hidden knowledge; breaking free of negative conditioning; and contacting authentic being.

(Nyingma Psychology Program; Two-Year Nyingma Studies Program; Path and Practices of Liberation Program)

Cost: $400 (for the entire five months) or $80 per month, which includes the workshops “Transforming Negative Emotions” on January 17 and “Self-Image” on April 18. Instructor: Sylvia Gretchen. Students may attend just the first month of this course.


Kum Nye (Tibetan Yoga)
The gentle movement, massage, and breathing practices of Kum Nye promote physical and emotional health as they bridge the gap between the material and the spiritual.

Promoting Spaciousness (KNR101)

Wednesdays, 6:15—7:45 PM (January 7—March 11)

Kum Nye teaches us to live spaciously as it gently moves us beyond perceived limits and boundaries. Students open the senses and then navigate the space of sensations, emotions, and perceptions, moving toward an integration of body and mind.

(Kum Nye (Tibetan Yoga) Program; Beginning Nyingma Meditation Program; Nyingma Psychology Program; Path and Practices of Liberation Program)

Cost: $180. Instructor: Jack van der Meulen. For beginning and intermediate students.

Click here for a complete schedule of our 2015 Winter Courses.


Winter 2015 Workshops

Renewing and Refreshing the Senses (KNR401), January 3

Celebrate the New Year with a day of restorative Tibetan Yoga to relax and refresh body and mind. You will learn ways to contact positive feeling tones within each of the senses, inviting an ecstatic interaction between the “inner” senses and the outer object.

Cost: $80. Instructor: Jack van der Meulen. Suitable for all levels of students.


Transforming Negative Emotions (NPS401), January 17

Powerful meditations and analysis pacify unwanted emotions without suppressing them. First you will learn to balance and clear the mind, leading to insight into how emotions arise. Then you will be trained in techniques that transform negative emotional energy.

Cost: $80. Primary instructor: Sylvia Gretchen. Suitable for all levels of students. No previous meditation experience required.

Opening the Heart (KNR403), February 14

We need to encourage our warm and positive feelings… a genuine openness that is felt as a deep warmth in the center of the heart, which is our inner sanctuary, our own home. Tarthang Tulku, Gesture of Balance.


The heart holds the key to living in harmony and in loving accord with others. Tibetan Yoga practices open the heart to deep levels of feeling and appreciation. Movement exercises presented in this workshop help loosen physical tension in the chest and upper back, enhancing the flow of positive feeling in the area of the heart.

Cost: $80. Instructor: Jack van der Meulen. Couples attending this workshop together receive a 20% discount. Suitable for all levels of students.

Click here for a complete schedule of 2015 Winter workshops which begin January 3, 2015.


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Typical Workshop Schedule

10:00 AM Instruction Session

11:30 AM Tea Break

12:00 PM Instruction Session

1:00 PM Vegetarian Lunch

2:00 PM Instruction Session

3:30 PM Tea Break

4:00 PM Instruction Session

4:45 PM Workshop Concludes