Continuing Education Programs for Therapists and Social Workers

Continuing Education for Therapists and Social Workers

The following courses and workshops meet the qualifications for hours of continuing education credit for MFT’s and LCSW’s as required by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. (Provider: Nyingma Institute #2513.) They present innovative techniques that help manage physical and emotional pain and enhance overall well-being. Some of these techniques and approaches can be directly applied to help clients. We are often told by participants, however, that the greatest benefit comes from providing the therapist themselves tools to stay clear and balanced in the clinical setting.

The course list below gives dates, times, and short descriptions. Following each course description is the name of the Certificate Program or Programs that the course is part of (in parentheses). Clicking on the Program name will take you to a full description of the Program. The costs shown below apply when the courses are taken individually; costs are lower when courses are taken as part of a Certificate Program.

Saturday workshops begin at 10 AM, conclude at 4:45 PM, and include a vegetarian buffet lunch. Classes and workshops are open to those with all levels of experience in meditation. A full refund is given if a program is cancelled or a student is unable to attend.

Please register in advance so that we can have the necessary paperwork ready for you.

Fall 2014 Program

Fall Courses

Nyingma Psychology

Nyingma psychology offers unique insight into the human situation and innovative ways to ease emotional discomfort.

Working with Emotions (
Mondays, 8-9:30 PM (October 6—December 8)

Our emotions show us where to direct our attention; rather than obscuring the path, they can clarify and sharpen it. Tarthang Tulku, Openness Mind.

Emotions can be binding and painful, but they can also be great teachers. This course teaches meditation exercises for working with emotions in daily life. Learning to use mindfulness to appreciate the transient nature of emotions can free us from the tendency to cling to both pleasant and unpleasant experiences. We discover the key to transforming negative emotional energy.

(Nyingma Psychology Program; Two-Year Nyingma Studies Program; Path and Practices of Liberation Program)

Cost: $180. Instructor: Erika Rosenberg. No previous experience with meditation is required.


The Art of Happiness (NPS104)
Thursdays, 1-2:30 PM (October 9—December 11)

Through analysis and meditation practice, this course explores the attitudes, actions, and introspective practices that can lead to a rich life in touch with joyful feeling and deeper values. Topics covered include: opening the heart to feeling; the value of generosity; healing through meditation; and expanding joy and inner peace.

(Nyingma Psychology Program; Two-Year Nyingma Studies Program; Path and Practices of Liberation Program)

Cost: $162. Instructor: Sylvia Gretchen. For all levels of students. No class Thanksgiving Day.


Kum Nye (Tibetan Yoga)
The gentle movement, massage, and breathing practices of Kum Nye promote physical and emotional health as they bridge the gap between the material and the spiritual.

Beginning Kum Nye: Expanding Enjoyment and Ease (KNR105)
Wednesdays, 6:15—7:45 PM (October 8—December 10)

A series of Kum Nye practices that help to reduce physical and mental tension are combined with practices that expand the enjoyment of each of the senses. This class is highly recommended for those wishing to reduce stress in their lives.

(Kum Nye (Tibetan Yoga) Program; Beginning Nyingma Meditation Program; Nyingma Psychology Program; Path and Practices of Liberation Program)

Cost: $180. Instructor: Jack van der Meulen. For all levels of students.


Fall Workshops 

Dream Lotus Evening (NPR401), October 17, 7-9 PM

The images which emerge from dream awareness will intensify our waking experience, allowing us to see more of the nature of existence. Tarthang Tulku, Openness Mind.

Instructions for dream yoga practice will be given, along with practices that relax tension in the throat area. This evening workshop opens the doors to vivid transformative experience.

Cost: $30. Instructor: Sylvia Gretchen. Based on Tarthang Tulku’s Openness Mind. Suitable for all levels of students.



NPS406 Activating Joyous Feeling, October 18

By stimulating and directing positive, joyous feelings we can change the essence of our inner patterns and experience. When positive or joyous feelings and attitudes pass through each organ and circulate throughout our whole system, our physical and chemical energies are transformed. In other words, we have the opportunity to recreate our bodies through positive energy. Tarthang Tulku, Gesture of Balance.


Meditation, awareness, and movement practices awaken and expand joyous feelings. You will learn exercises that distribute deep feelings of joy through both body and mind.

Cost: $80. Instructors: Sylvia Gretchen and Santosh Philip. Based on Tarthang Tulku’s Gesture of Balance and Kum Nye Relaxation. Suitable for all levels of students.


NPR409 Transitions as Teachers, November 1

Times of transition present unique opportunities to make fundamental changes. Although they are universal, the most powerful transitions—death, illness, loss—are often deeply feared. This workshop presents ways to cultivate an awareness of both small and large transitions as natural forces of creativity with great potential. Letting go of the fear of transformation, within transitions we discover new beginnings and vast possibilities.

Cost: $80. Instructors: Elissa Slanger and Sylvia Gretchen. Suitable for all levels of students.


NPS407 Transforming Personal History, November 8

In every time and place throughout history, people have been lifted out of their daily routines by moments of beauty when they sensed the wonder of being alive in this world. Tarthang Tulku, Knowledge of Freedom.


Habits and patterns intertwined with painful past memories often prevent us from enjoying the freedom and beauty that the human body and mind offer. It is possible to skillfully touch these memories in a way that cuts through their power to restrict us. Practices from Knowledge of Freedom can help transform personal history from a source of pain into a wellspring of renewal.

Cost: $80. Instructors: Sylvia Gretchen and Jack van der Meulen. Suitable for all levels of students.

KNR412 Inner Alchemy: Transformation through Tibetan Yoga, November 15

Remarkable transformation occurs through Kum Nye, mobilizing the body’s natural healing as it literally remakes the physical body. The movement exercises introduced in this workshop stimulate the flow of subtle energy that can lead to amazing changes in body and mind.

Cost: $80. Instructors: Jack van der Meulen and Donna Morton. Suitable for all levels of students.



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Typical Workshop Schedule

10:00 AM Instruction Session

11:30 AM Tea Break

12:00 PM Instruction Session

1:00 PM Vegetarian Lunch

2:00 PM Instruction Session

3:30 PM Tea Break

4:00 PM Instruction Session

4:45 PM Workshop Concludes